Banking – Finance

Chatel has a long history of supporting banking and financial institutions, including factoring companies, entrusted with:

  • The study of risks and research into the effectiveness of guarantees in the factoring and credit insurance mechanism.
  • The control of disputes relating to bank guarantees and business financing mechanisms.
  • The resolution of disputes arising from payment instruments and the mobilization of debts, particularly by exchange rate law.
  • The defense of interests in the event that financial institutions are held liable.
  • The auditing and drafting of banking contractual documentation.

From its inception, Chatel has developed advanced and recognized expertise in banking and financial litigation, making it a key player in the field. Chatel assists financial institutions in disputes related to:

  • Methods of financing businesses.
  • Payment instruments and debt mobilization.
  • Use of bank guarantees.
  • Liability of financial institutions.